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Taylor Made Rossa Putter Review

Taylor Made is a member of the Adidas group, and has achieved great success on the PGA Tour. Sponsoring several well-known pros, including John Daly and Sergio Garcia, the entire selection of Taylor Made clubs and golfing products are top-of-the-line. Taylor Made golf putters are no exception, and have taken putting technology to the next level with what is one of the most popular putter series in the game of golf - Rossa. Several series of Rossa golf putters have been garnered with several Golf Digest Awards, not to mention very high satisfaction ratings from golfers themselves. All the putters in the Rossa series are prized for their Anti-Skid Groove System Insert (AGSI), which consists of twelve specially cut CNC-milled grooves filled with vibration-absorbing polymer filling. Titallium inserts help to create a lightweight, yet durable insert allowing weight to be distributed to the outside perimeter of each putter head.

Taylor Made Rossa

Rossa Monza Corza
Uniquely shaped grooves

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Taylor Made Rossa

CGB Putter Line
Anti-skid groove system

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Taylor Made Rossa TP
Daytona By KiaMa
Lowest Price at GolfGalaxy

The Rossa Monza Corza, CGB line and Mezza Monza make up the Rossa series of putters. The CGB line, which includes the Daytona 1 (pictured above), Sebring 3, and Suzuka (half-mallet)  incorporate CGB rods and plugs to displace the center of gravity to the lower-back section of the putter head, resulting in more solid ball launches. Coupled with the Anti-Skid Groove System Insert helps to create a better forward spin with less bounding and skidding. The Rossa Monza Corza is certainly a superior golf putter. Also incorporating CGB plugs and the Anti-Skid Groove System for a smoother and more consistent roll, Monza Corza uses a Titallium insert for better vibration absorption. The linear alignment system also makes it easier to hit the putter sweet spot, as, well as correct for misaligned putts. Forged with lightweight aluminum, needed weight is displaced to specific areas in the back of the putter head to create a higher Moment of Inertia and more forgiveness.
The Rossa TP line consists of the Daytona, Imola, Maranello, Monaco and Monte Carlo. Each is milled from 1020 soft carbon steel. Six five-gram tungsten weights in the heel and toe help lower and deepen the CG, as well as provide a crisp feel.

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