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Keep The Pin In

In general, it is better to keep the pin in the cup when you are putting or playing a shot from just off the green. It is especially helpful for downhill shots and on fast greens. The pin will act as a backstop and help the golf ball go in more times than it knocks it away. Unless the pin is very thick at the bottom, always leave it in as a little help. At worst, it will stop your golf ball near the hole, whereas an empty cup will let the golf ball go rushing past if hit with too much speed.





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These are some of the best, but there are many other good ones out there as well. Depending on price and look - among other things - you might want to investigate more options.

Selecting a golf putter is not that difficult if you understand a few things about how putters are made to work. The three major components which you should look at when mulling over golf putters are the club head design, insert technology and length.

There are generally three types of putter heads: Traditional/blade style, mallet style and alignment. Traditional putters are thinner overall - resembling a blade - and generally are heel-toe weighted. Mallet heads are larger from the face of the putter to the back of the cavity, which many players say helps with better alignment. Speaking of alignment, the club head of alignment putters is the largest of the bunch and comes with alignment aids, such as etched geometric lines on the putter head itself. Many professional golf players these days are playing with alignment putters.

Insert technology is more of an enhancement to the putter itself. In fact, insert technology entails the inserting of different types of materials into the club face, which are designed to help create an enhanced feel or smoother stroke. There are different colors and densities of  inserts that correspondingly enhance the putter in different ways, Therefore, it is advised that players practice with different inserts to find the one they are most comfortable with. Some golfers prefer not to use inserts. If you like a softer feel when the golf ball strikes the putter face, then you should look into inserts.

Putter Length is a factor as well, although standard putter lengths will often suffice for the majority of golfers. Modern putters generally range from 32" to 52". The best way to determine what type of putter is best for you, whether it be a standard or belly putter, is to length club is to suit the length of the putter to your stroke - not the other way around. If you consistently are getting back pains when you putt, you should consider straightening your stance somewhat and/or bending your knees -  but by no means should you get a shorter length club. Find the length that suits your most comfortable putting stance the best. Remember, a correct putting stance entails that your shoulders be relaxed and that your eyes are aligned over the golf ball. Of course, everybody is different, and no two putting stances are going to be exactly the same. For those who struggle with standard club lengths, you may want to consider using a belly putter or over-length putters.

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